Adopt/Foster Companion Birds in Australia

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According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are more companion birds than dogs or cats in Australia. And that is the latest statistic in 1994! Imagine how the bird numbers have increased since then to now in 2016!

There are thousands of birds in Australia that are being traded and sold from adult and CHILD breeders directly, pet shops, bird shows, wildlife carers, YES, registered wildlife carers, private sellers eg on gumtree, facebook (bird pages pretending to look out for lost/stolen/found birds), markets, and house footpaths…..that urgently need foster care and/or adoption.

Birds are being bred like rats (sorry to use that example). The ‘healthier breeding birds’ are kept till they are healthy enough to keep producing eggs/babies to be sold and traded.

These birds then either die from stress, grief from losing their babies or just given away and kept in small cages where they live in devastating and depressing circumstances.

And so the cycle continues.

Birds that do not breed or cannot breed are disregarded, sold, euthanised.

They are of no financial use to the bird selling industry.

This is the first foster/adoption program for companion birds in Australia where a holistic outlook is practiced and there is ongoing support for those who adopt and foster birds. It is a program  where

Australians need to learn and finally acknowledge that companion birds are being constantly surrendered, released into the wild or euthanised, as their owners, for whatever reason, cannot care for the birds anymore.

Real life bird surrender examples include (no intention to insult any situations):

  • couples divorce/separate and no one is able to ‘take responsibility’ of the bird
  • death of bird owners
  • bird owners going into aged care facilities
  • birds have been kept in school, yes schools, and they scream too much so need to be rehome
  • bird is too ‘high maintenance’ for owners to care for anymore
  • the family dog or cat is upset with the bird calling for attention
  • the bird owners are too busy with newly born and cannot care for both
  • bird starts to feather pluck and owner cannot manage the problem
  • bird starts to scream and owner cannot manage the problem
  • vet bills are too expensive
  • owner needs to go on holidays and has no one to care for the bird
  • birds are too messy and owners don’t have time to care for birds
  • birds require attention every day
  • birds require cooking every day
  • birds have been handed down family members and they are too busy to care for birds
  • owners have developed illnesses or dementia

the list can go on and on and on and on…………………………

So, I am inviting genuine bird loving individuals to join me in saving birds and sharing their homes with birds that need love, attention, healthy foods and be provided medical attention when necessary.

As a Bird Behaviourist and carer of birds for over 10 years, I will provide you with free bird behaviour advice and free bird care advice and constant support.

You will be part of a group where we can all help and support eachother in learning about the best possible way to enrichen the lives of birds- for the bird’s sake- not for our EGO’s sake.

If you have the time, resources and appropriate indoor and outdoor environment to accommodate and welcome birds in your family, and you are ready to provide love and ethical care for birds, please email me at .

I will soon upload further information to register for bird adoption/fostering.

Please be patient with my replies to you as I am inundated daily with thousands of emails. You can always remind me you emailed me, but please don’t stalk me!

Thanks for your empathy and compassion for birds.

Parrot regards,

4cae3c_72f98eccd976470886d4cbba29731f1fParis Yves Read

Bird Behaviourist, Mental Health/Life Counsellor, Film Maker/Producer

Mellbourne, Australia


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