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Keeping Parrots as “Pets”

Our Position

Whether captured in the wild or born in captivity, parrots are not domesticated animals like cats and dogs. They are still wild animals. Their natural curiosity, sensitivity, intellect, playfulness, and ability to form bonds with humans can tempt people to keep them in captivity.

secs logoSECS – South Eastern Centre For SustainablityMelbourne, Australia

Environmental concerns have become increasingly important over the past decade as community awareness of climate change, biodiversity, drought and related environmental issues has increased dramatically. The science underpinning our concerns about climate change is now well established and the consequences for sustainability increasingly understood. click here for more

Sylvia Raye Songs., Australia

sylvia rayeSylvia Raye hitting charts

Sylvia Raye has been in the music industry for 40 years, but had her first hit record at 68. Picture: Rohan Kelly Source: Herald Sun

HAVING spent 40 years in the music industry, Sylvia Raye would be the first to tell you she did not expect to have her first hit record at the age of 68.

And the Sydney entertainer is as surprised as anyone that a couple of songs she recorded to grant her husband’s dying wish would result in what broadcaster Alan Jones called “an avalanche of responses”.

Steve Wise- USA

steven wiseSteven M. Wise is President of the Nonhuman Rights Project, Inc.

He holds a J.D. from Boston University Law School and a B.S. in Chemistry from the College of William and Mary. He has practiced animal protection law for 30 years throughout the United States and is admitted to the Massachusetts Bar.

Steve teaches “Animal Rights Jurisprudence” at the Vermont, Lewis and Clark, University of Miami, and St. Thomas Law Schools, and has taught “Animal Rights Law” at the Harvard Law School and John Marshall Law School.

The Official Nerd Bird

official nerd berdGreat latest news on bird stories around the world!




balsaBalsa Central South Australia, Australia

They sell great clean toxic free balsa pack boxes full of different balsa wood shapes which birds/parrots love to play and chew!!

Better to chew Balsa wood than their feathers when they are bored!

All animals deserve a life free from abuse. Whether a beloved family pet, or a nameless farm animal – all cherish joy, and fear violence. We are a member society of Animals Australia and we strive to improve the lives of animals.
Catholic Concern for Animals is here to help Catholics, in particular, to realise this vocation. Catholic Concern for Animals works through publications, especially its journal The Ark, research into church teaching and tradition, prayer and liturgy, and personal witness. From a small group of laypeople, clergy and religious meeting for the first time in London in 1929, Catholic Concern for Animals has grown into a world-wide non-profit organisation with branches in the USA, Australia and Cameroon.
Share & Fly with us!
Report Bird Abuse in Australia

If you see birds being neglected or abused in
private homes, pet shops, markets, bird sales events etc, please contact Paris on email or call if urgent on 0413 530 419.

URGENT PETITION! BAN BIRD SALE Melbourne 28 May 2017- Victorian Aviculturists are using birds as breeding slaves and for profit!
Victorian Aviculturists are using birds (captive native and non-native birds) as breeding slaves and money-makers calling it a hobby. The abuse and cruelty toward birds in Victoria, parallels the abuse in the Victorian Puppy farm industry! There are bird mills everywhere! CLICK FOR PETITION!  
National Bird Adoption/Foster Program

Agapi's Sanctuary is Heaven on Earth in Melbourne, Australia where birds can be themselves.

No small cages, no threats, no wing clipping, no forced bird training, no obstacles. ONLY privacy, security, love and freedom to fly all day! The bird children have the freedom to think and behave as they wish and to evolve within a loving, trusting and safe environment and be regarded as children within her family.



Together let’s spread the word and help birds fly again!!

Watch video to BAN BIRD SALE IN MELBOURNE 28 MAY 2017!

Ban Birds Sales & Breeding in Australia from Paris Yves Read on Vimeo.

Paris Yves Read from Melbourne, Australia has been campaigning to Ban Bird breeding and bird selling in Australia. This bird industry abuses and disregards the emotions and welfare of birds. There are thousands of backyard and commercial bird mills/farms all over Australia- Time that the breeders/sellers stopped! Time that the Australian State Governments introduced laws to protect all Birds!

Birds have parallet capacities to people related to mental functions:
  • Human-bird-brain-crop-thinking & cognition
  • feelings
  • emotions
  • equal & lasting relationships
  • dreams and aspirations
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