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Welcome To Let Companion Birds Fly: The Voice for Companion Bird Rights in Australia


Agapi’s Sanctuary in Melbourne Australia, is named after Agapi, my beloved rainbow lorikeet. Agapi (means ‘love’ in Greek) came into my life in 2006, during a very difficult time for me, whilst I fell very ill, though I did not know at the time how serious it was. Agapi taught me patience and forced me to learn more about birds and bird beahaviour. So I studied as much as I could to learn how to provide a happier   life for Agapi. One thing let to another and I found myself being a full time parrot mum! Whilst working full time very long hours, I found that Agapi would suffer from my absence. I very soon learnt that birds have the same behavioural issues as people did. Whilst studying Counselling, I found that bird behaviour was almost identical to human behaviour. So to cut a long story short, I realised I had to change my life and climbing the corporate ladder was out- and my focus and priority was Agapi. Agapi has changed who I am and my whole life. He has helped me to find myself and my purpose in life- saving birds. It took me decades to really find my life’s purpose – a passion that drives me and helps me beat my physical ailments from debilitating me. Agapi is one of my true guardian angels- when I was often debilitated in bed from illness, he would pull at my finger under the bed sheets and call at me to get out of bed. Yes. Agapi stands by me even as he witnesses the parrot family growing and often my attention is shared with other birds. Yes he is envious of the time I spend with other birds, but he knows I have a job to do and he makes sure I am on my feet busy and feeling the love from him and all the birds. Agapi is the reason I stand today. Agapi has given me purpose and the mental will to live, when my physical body just want to give up. I owe my life to Agapi and all the birds who await for me and others as me to give them a life of love and happiness. Thank you my angel, Agapi…… till eternity Paris
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