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Welcome To Let Companion Birds Fly: The Voice for Companion Bird Rights in Australia



Meals & Vitamins at Agapi’s Sanctuary that I prepare and serve daily for our parrot children family:



Lorikeet Meals

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Parrot Meals- seed eating

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Mixed Meals for all birds

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Diet & Nutrition

Here you can find articles, links and resources on parrot diet & nutrition in the links below.

Balsa Central Products South Australia, Australia

Balsa wood is fantastic! Birds/parrots love it! They chew on it, as they chew on wood in nature, and it stops them chewing on anything else, often including their feathers, as it keeps them busy and distracted.

I buy this pack regularly Balsa Pack Jumbo Box Seconds


We are committed to supplying the highest quality natural products for all animals. Our aim is to provide a one-stop-shop for all things natural for animals.


We stock a huge range of natural remedies and supplements as well as skincare and much more.

Greenpet also provides a range of services such as Naturopathic consultations, animal communication, allergy testing, hair mineral analysis and much more.

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