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Gay-Bradshaw-revised_0The World of Trans-species Psychology 

What animals teach us about ourselves

 Lots of people talk to animals…. Not very many listen, though….That’s the problem – The Tao of PoohMy colleague talks with her parrot. Talks with, not to Henrietta. A lot of conversation revolves around the usual family things−what’s for dinner, what everyone did during the day, who’s seeing whom (and who isn’t), the weather, and can’t we have that yummy dessert tonight? The two best friends also talk about how they are feeling, philosophy, and how to navigate the stress that afflicts hearts and souls of everyone on the planet.

Trans-species psychology is a new field that looks at myriad processes, feelings, and states that make up what we call psyche through a single, species-inclusive lens. Instead of parsing off humans from all other creatures, science endorses a unitary model of brain and mind that serves you, me and even Henrietta and Lucretia.  click for more
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