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Welcome To Let Companion Birds Fly: The Voice for Companion Bird Rights in Australia


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2017   Media Release- Ban Bird Sale May 2017- Skye, Melbourne

Ban Birds Sales & Breeding in Australia from Paris Yves Read on Vimeo.

Paris Yves Read from Melbourne, Australia has been campaigning to Ban Bird breeding and bird selling in Australia. This bird industry abuses and disregards the emotions and welfare of birds. There are thousands of backyard and commercial bird mills/farms all over Australia- Time that the breeders/sellers stopped! Time that the Australian State Governments introduced laws to protect all Birds!

2015  Birds can’t fly in Australia –  25 May 2015

2014  Media Release – Gippsland Bird Groups Breach Code of Practice 25 July 2014

            Media Release – MPAS Bird Groups Breach Code of Practice 23 6 14

             Accusations Fly Over Bird Sale News July 2014 Mornington Peninsula News, Melbourne

            Bird Lover facing Bullying Backlash News Frankston Times, Melbourne

            MEDIA RELEASE MPAS Bird Breeders and Bird Groups Breach Code of   Practice for the Housing of Caged Birds 13 June 2014


1. Government Review of Welfare Standards for Captive Caged Birds
2. Government Review of Breeders’ Welfare Standards for Private and Commercial Exhibition Shows and Sales
3. Government Review of Breeder Permit Standards
4. Ban Australian Birds Sales and Expos until a formal monitoring process is in place by DEPI/ DEWLP


On the Sat 25 May 2014,  I witnessed shocking images of physically and psychologically traumatised birds at a Bird Sales event organised by the Mornington Peninsula Aviculture Society and their members and authorised by the Victorian Aviculture Council.

As a consequence, I am campaigning in Australia

to raise awareness for Companion Bird Welfare.

Anyone who wants to join me is welcome.

It is unacceptable that the Australian public and Australian governments permit such low and abusive welfare standards to exist in our country.

It is unacceptable that the Australian state departments pass on the responsibility of bird welfare codes to be created by the Bird groups and bird breeders- when the obvious conflict of interest leave the bird sellers ‘treating birds as they please.’

It is unacceptable that the Bird Groups, pet shops, private sellers, bird breeders and bird associations be permitted to be involved in any way with birds after the low welfare standards they impose upon companion birds, that are highly intelligent.

I am openly against breeding-and I will never apologize for this-  there are enough birds in Australia that require adoption, as breeders admit to ‘selling off’ birds if a bird does not breed for them. Plus birds should not be treated as dogs are in the puppy mill industry.

Yes, Australia has a Bird Mill industry too- and a very dirty, abusive and money-making one.

I find it unacceptable and embarrassing for bird breeders and sellers that they resort to breeding birds and then removing the eggs or selling birds as babies, just to make a few thousand dollars…..or millions- money to pay off their home mortgages, children’s education and trips.

I have raised my concerns via email to major bird product companies, bird associations, veterinarians and others and no one has the courtesy or self-dignity to respond to my concerns or to work with me on educating the sellers and the public on higher bird welfare standards.

It seems that money is once again leading the way- at the expense of traumatising birds.

So, stay tuned for more updates on the traumatic and desperate plight of Australian companion birds, suffering in our backyard…or in yours…….

Below are some media updates for you….as  a reminder of the realities of bird exploitation and abuse in Australia.

For further information contact:

Paris Yves Read   0413 530 419 (Please leave message and be patient for reply- thank you!)
Companion Bird Behaviourist, Educator and Campaigner

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