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Welcome To Let Companion Birds Fly: The Voice for Companion Bird Rights in Australia



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Lauree’s Law is about a social cause to Ban Bird Breeding & Sales in Australia & to introduce Companion Bird Welfare Laws in Australia.

Currently there are only Codes of Practice in each Australian state that bird breeders/sellers/owners do not care to adhere to and the codes are not thorough enough to ensure proper bird care. In fact, many of these codes are drafted by the bird breeders themselves so there is a huge conflict of interest.

Victoria  Code of Practice for the Housing of Caged Birds

New South Wales  

South Australia  NSW Animal Welfare Code of Practice No 4 – Keeping and Trading of Birds

Western Australia


Australian Capital Territory

Northern Territory

There are thousands of birds who need to be rehomed and rescued from abusive homes or from Aussies who need to surrender their birds for personal reasons.

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