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Defamation claim on the way from Bird Behaviourist

Hello friends- a local Birdkeeper magazine and their writer David Pace realised I had a defamation claim over them, when I posted publicly that they lied about me in one of their online and printed articles.

So they have scurried off like rats quickly editing the original article about me, and calling me an Animal Liberationist which is new to me! I am a qualified and experienced Bird Behaviourist and Mental Health Counsellor and Life Coach amongst other professions which are posted all over the internet, for literate people to find!

I am not surprised Birdkeeper and David Pace would stoop to low unprofessional levels and accuse and publicly defame me – just to cover their industry’s shortcomings. If bird magazines and bird breeders/sellers think they can defame people and get away with it legally and not harm their own reputation as being cunning, they are in the wrong business. People are smart. They see clearly the liars from the truth tellers.

The original article written by David Pace and printed in the Birdkeeper magazine that is sold all over the world is here:

Concern for the Future of Bird Sales in Victoria original

Their amended article after they realised they stuffed up and defamed me is here…..Concern for the Future of Bird Sales in Victoria amended but too late- the original has been sent to everyone including government authorities to see how much they would lie to cover their faults and guilt for the business they are in: treating birds as money slaves.

And for Bird’s sake- get my website links right in your publications- breeders aren’t interested in homeopathy- post them to the right page would you! here it is in case you can’t find it:

budgies and macaw3 budgies and macaw2These images are of birds displayed/sold in small cages in an un-natural environment at the recent annual Mornington Peninsula Bird sale in Victoria 31 May 2015. Bird breeders and sellers believe that this is ‘acceptable.’

Thanking Adobe Acrobat Pro in advance for saving the original letter as proof of publishing incompetence.

Thanking Mercury Retrograde for exposing the liars ( you all know me and astrology)!

Oh! And that Concerns Notice for Defaming me in on the way too.

Paris Yves

Bird Behaviourist & Counsellor- first and foremost…

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