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Welcome To Let Companion Birds Fly: The Voice for Companion Bird Rights in Australia



Hello- my name is Paris Yves Read.

I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I manage and administer ‘Let Companion Birds Fly.’

Born in Melbourne, I have come from a Greek-Australian cultural background of 3rd generation and I was taught 2 major things from my mother at 6 years young:

          “There is no such thing as “I can’t”

“Love is the most important thing”

So I have carried these 2 beliefs with me throughout my life.

I have been working since at least 14 years young (after school and Saturdays), no school holidays, no splashing money on drugs, drinking or designer clothes as many teenagers did and do these days. I actually was taught and learnt to save and build my present and future. You can’t over-max your visa, live the life of the rich and famous and have it all- get real.

I have worked and studied extensively all my life and volunteered alot, in between jobs, after work hours, weekends. I have worked in so many businesses/companies/public service that dots would be all over the Victorian map!! I have worked in so many different industries, from fashion, engineering, real estate, property development, counselling, the list goes on and on and on. I can work anywhere and pick up anything new in a second so I get bored quite easy in monotonous and slow paced workplaces….I need efficiency and progress! And yes, there was sexual harassment EVERYWHERE upon me and colleagues!

I read the Financial Review and the likes from at least 16yrs young and did courses at the Australian Stock Exchange from at least 18. Business is in my blood- ethical and courteous business. Rare to find right? So imagine a young female who thought the world would give what she gave? I was wrong. It’s a jungle out there- just as bad as it was during ancient times. I tried different businesses whilst working full time and studying at the same time…..I kept exploring and trying.

But I always had the innate ability to ‘read’ people and situations- to know their thoughts, their motives. But I did not trust in my instincts and intuition….as I do completely now.

But it took me decades to really believe in myself and discover who I am and what my life path journey is.

Until one day over 10 years ago when I fell seriously ill with chronic illnesses to date, though did not know how serious my health was in at the time, and a new parrot came into my life, encouraging me to learn  more about bird care and bird behaviour. This parrot- Agapi, forced me to get out of bed- flying to my bed and pulling my finger with his beak to get up- “Pame’ he would say, which means “let’s go” in Greek,  and try to live life one minute at a time.

Then came more and more parrots into my life. People from everywhere needed their birds adopted and abandoned birds at pounds found their way to my home.

So I am living and standing today because of my bird family. Even though my health suffers constantly from emotional and physical stresses, that do not allow my body to recover right, ‘somehow’ I am still breathing and standing. I recall a health practitioner once telling me, “you should be dead.” I said, ” I know.” More on that on my Counselling site My Freewill Journey. 

My bird children need me constantly to care for them and play with them. I am on my feet at least 18 hrs of the day, constantly running around, cooking, cleaning, caring…amongst my other 3 full time jobs including bird welfare campaigns and other at my home office…..I have not had a day off, holiday or sleep in since 2002- plus I hate holidays anyway, I find them boring! So don’t complain to me you are tired please….

This is the only holistic purpose I found in my life to fight to be healthy and alive. Oh, and for my husband Philip……

So thank you to my feathered angels…..and the other angels who are keeping a look out for me!


I believe in positive change.

Change is a good thing- it encourages us to ‘open the window’ to (hopefully humane) opportunities that positively develop our passions, inspire us to dream realistic dreams  and fulfill our soul’s potential!

I have been wanting to gather as much information as possible about Companion Birds, especially in Australia and try to merge as much of this  information (if possible) into one website. Still updating……

I have found so much information on too many websites for everyone to have time to locate, so I thought I’d try to merge as much of this information into one easy-to-use site. I realised that most of us are so time poor today, that trying to find information we are looking for can take up a lot of time.

This site is mainly about informing and educating adults and children about how Companion Birds in Australia are entitled by nature to co-exist on Earth, humanely, with dignity and respected as belonging to only themselves and not being controlled negatively by humans.

This site is not about blaming people who treat Companion Birds otherwise, (as many of us would perceive the treatment as abusive), but this site is about addressing bird related issues and problems further available to the public and hopefully informing the unaware members of our society.

Though much of the current Companion Bird information is heart breaking, there is plenty of inspiring information that can encourage us all to learn from and understand how precious,and intelligent Companion Birds really are & how they should be loved and treated accordingly.

I also found that the limited caregiver information regarding Companion Birds may be complex or too technical at times to understand and that the everyday caregiver would appreciate ‘simple- English’ information on how to enrich the lives of and with their Companion Birds.

So here goes…and if you have related information or websites e.t.c. you’d like me to add to and share on my site, you are very welcome to email me on . I can’t do it all alone in one lifetime so please contribute as much information as possible! Your contribution can be anonymous on the site or I am happy to add your name if you wish.

Thank you for your support in further ‘opening the window’ to Companion Birds.

My career….briefly….. (more on My Freewill Journey) 

I have over 30 years of career/work experiences, the latest being:


My Bird/Animal Behaviour Education…..briefly

USA- Pathways to Medical Intution- Dr Mona Lisa Schulz-  (medical intuition therapy applies to birds/animals also)

USA- Animal Behavior Centre- Lara Joseph,
Creative Aviaries & Foraging Toys
Teaching your bird to Forage
The Science of Behaviour
Effective Bridging
Understanding Behaviour

USA- Learning & Living with Animals- Dr S. G. Friedman ( ) LLA Certificate

USA- Fundamentals of Aviculture- American Federation of Aviculture

Australia- Parrot Conference 2008- Parrot Training and Enrichment- Barbara Heidenreich, Good Bird Inc., USA

Australia- Parrots 2010 – Parrot Conference, Australia- Steve Martin & Dr Susan Friedman

Australia- Veterinary level 1- Chisholm Institute/ www.ed2go.comstucert-classes-pcv-1209-ParisYves

Indonesian Bird Charity Day Seminar- October 07

Husbandry and Rehabilitation of Injured Native Birds, Dr Anne Fowler- Wildlife Victoria


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