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Welcome To Let Companion Birds Fly: The Voice for Companion Bird Rights in Australia


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Agapi’s Sanctuary

Need to find a Bird/Parrot Rescue? Not just any bird rescue- but someplace that provides holistic care to birds: love, health, freedom to fly!

Yes that is me…… a qualified and experienced Bird Behaviourist and Bird rescuer/Carer. I am the one people must surrender or just ‘dump’ their bird onto because……I don’t say no. And I see the pain in the bird’s eyes…..and in their hearts.

My life journey is dedicated to caring for companion birds and being their voice to speak up for bird welfare and bird laws to be introduced in Australia.

So for some reason you can’t care for your bird anymore?

Did you know that companion (indooor or outdoor)  birds have the same psychology as a person? Think about that….well…very well.

Getting separated/divorced? Moving interstate/overseas? Your parents left you their bird in their will? Or you don’t want your bird stuck in a cage anyone as you just learn that is wrong? You can’t afford to maintain your bird anymore? Your partner hates your bird? Your human kids hate your bird? You find the bird shouts too much? Or wants too much attention? Or is too lonely when you are gone from home all day? Or you just realised that you cannot afford to keep your bird? Or that birds need vitamins, vet care, huge aviaries to fly in, cooked and organic meals? Or you just realised that birds cannot be kept in a cage just to look pretty? You have genuine health problems Or you suddenly discovered that birds require thorough bird behaviour analysis and care? Or your bird just gets in the way of your holiday schedules????

I’ve heard SO many reasons for birds needing to be surrendered, good and bad……..

I  have the bird’s welfare as my priority so I don’t really concern myself about your reasons- I’m afraid to say.

I have rescued and adopted birds for over 10 years. And whilst I understand the fair reasons people need to surrender their living family member,  I wish more of these people had the sense and humanity and selflessness to at least contribute financially or with bird foods to MY 24/7 care of their birds.

I have had to become quite firm, but polite, with how I go about adopting others’ birds. It would be nice of you to contribute financially monthly to my caring for your ‘mistake’ or your fair inability to care for the bird. In exchange you will receive photos of the bird and you can go on your daily lives rest assured that whilst my need to maintain the ongoing expensive costs and  aviaries requires physical labour and me getting battered outdoors by the weather is not been paid for, your bird will be living paradise on earth with all the love and care that you can’t even imagine.

Agapi’s Sanctuary is managed by me, self-funded, and I can’t work full time whilst caring for your bird. So please consider the 24/7 care and attention I provide your bird and others’ and contribute any way you can.

If you are in the position of looking for a genuine, bird sanctuary, please email me initially, as you can imagine I am inundated with calls and emails for similar requests- thank you for understanding,

feather regards, Paris

Paris Yves Read and few of her children

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