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KIRBYThe Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG– A patron of Voiceless Australia.

“Watching Eric’s budgerigars made me realise how interesting and joyful they are. He allows them to fly around his living room. Whenever I entered, they would fly up to the top of the book case and sit together staring down at this stranger. Their heads would move from side to side. But they kept me very closely under their vigilant inspection. They were witty, amusing and lovely to watch. They sing a song which varies according to the time of day and the level of their hunger.

Watching them, I realised how lucky we are as human beings to be conscious of birds, including companion birds. I also realised how people could form a strong association with them so that they were protective and incorporate them into their domesticamber situation. Eric treats his birds with love and care. Living with them was a new experience for me. I am glad that I live in a world where human beings can cross the boundaries of species and find common ground to live in peace and love with living creatures of different species, including those with wings” .

In St Matthew’s Gospel ch 6 line 26 there is reference to birds.
‘’Behold the birds of the air; for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them.’’

Isabel Perez (Sydney) :  We searched high and low for a bird sanctuary around Australia, it wasn’t easy finding one for my adorable Chiquita, a Red Collard Lorikeet, who needed to coexist with other birds. Thankfully a friend came across Paris and her beautiful home for companion birds, rescue birds, and special need birds. Paris has set up aviaries, with foliage natural to a particular species, and toys for their entertainment. The birds play, fly and flock with their own kind at Let Companion Birds Fly.

Paris’ set up is inspiring. It helps that she’s a bird whisperer, with a special connection to her feathered friends who she cares for with much love. She looks after their welfare and wellbeing, and she is very protective of them.

After nine great years of having Chiquita by my side, I didn’t want to part with him. But I knew the right thing was for him to be with other birds, to be able to socialise, connect and interact with his tribe. Paris and Let Companion Birds Fly seemed to offer that and more. So we drove down to Melbourne to meet with Paris, introduce her to Chiquita and see if the sanctuary was right for him. It was important that I left Chiquita in the best possible place.

Chiquita was initially given his own space before being placed with other birds. Lovey, the Love bird, welcomes all new comers and was soon by Chiquita’s side. The other birds in nearby aviaries looked on, and slowly took interest. In the days to come Paris introduced other birds to Chiquita, all the time gauging who would be the right fit for him, to hang out with. The settling-in transition is a critical one, but it was painless and smooth sailing. Going by Chiquita’s experience, the path was well thought out and planned.

During our short time in Melbourne we visited often and got to know Paris and her loving and supportive husband, Philip. They are incredibly generous, open, genuine and warm people.

Since my return to Sydney, Paris has very kindly sent photos of Chiquita’s progress and shenanigans.  He looks happy and healthy – and we’ve even managed a Skype session. While Chiquita can’t be released in the wild, I was his foster parent for many years, but I feel confident that Chiquita is in a safe and happy home, living Paris and his new extended family of birds.

Isabel Perez

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The presentation which Paris Yves gave to a group of young adult students at our TAFE college was a valuable addition to their education in Animal studies. As an avian specialist, she relayed to the group necessary information about anatomy, nutrition and environmental enrichment. The students were attentive, asking a wide range of questions, to which Ms Yves responded with specific and accurate advice. She addressed each student by name and made every effort to engage them in a way that held relevance for them, including the use of props so that her answers could be understood in a practical sense. Her vast knowledge base and the ethical manner in which her information is shared makes Ms Yves a valuable educator. She also made herself available to the students after the presentation was complete, and I am aware of at least two students who contacted her via the internet in the days that followed, to continue their conversations with her regarding bird care and welfare – I think this in itself reveals the level of impact that her presentation had on the attendees.

Christina Louise Dicker
Animal Studies Educator, Melbourne, Australia

tarsParis has always been fantastic when we’ve needed help or advice in rehoming birds. She’s passionate about improving birds’ lives and increasing the public’s knowledge of bird welfare and appreciation of birds.

Michaela Newell
Founder, Melbourne Australia




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