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Given the fact that the law underpins all human interaction with animals, it follows that a sound understanding of the legal responsibilities pertaining to animals is essential information for all organisations, groups and/or individuals who are directly, or indirectly, involved with animals.

The contents and delivery of each course taught by International Animal-Law is adapted to suit the audience, and a legal background is not necessary for successful completion of the course. To date the Animals and the Law course taught by International Animal-Law has been attended by a wide range of professionals including lawyers, veterinarians, scientists, ethicists, and representatives from government and non-government organisations.

The Animals and the Law course has been delivered as face-to-face courses in Law Schools in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, as an online course for veterinary Masters students, adapted for presentation as a seminar series for Local Authorities in the United Kingdom, and is available online as a tailored education course for veterinarians and other professionals in New Zealand and Australia.

You have options on how to attend the IAL courses. There are face-to-face options presented on-site, or, you have on-line courses which are presented in convenient module form. See below for more information.

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asocHAS Courses in Australia

This is a preliminary list of Human-Animal Studies units taught in Australian universities and veterinary schools, courtesy of Carol Freeman and Natalie Lloyd.

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gabriel logoEducation & Training

Education is a primary focus of The Gabriel Foundation’s. The only way to improve the lives of birds both in the wild and in captivity is to impart knowledge and create awareness of the needs of parrots around the world. We do this in the classroom, in the home and in the community.

Beyond the Bird Basics

This comprehensive online class is a requirement for all adopters and beneficial for anyone interested in caring for a bird. Whether you are a long time bird caregiver or new to feathered companionship, you will learn the most up to date information on diet and nutrition, husbandry, species differences, grooming, medical care and behavior. The cost is $40 – click here to register and begin!

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