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Yes! All companion animals in our family and our homes/rescue centres/businesses, including Birds, benefit highly with Feng Shui in their lives!

I studied Feng Shui extensively 20 years ago and worked as a Feng Shui Consultant in Melbourne. These days I am too busy to do consults for others so I just apply Feng Shui to my family  including my feathered family!

Yes there are many ‘schools of thought” but I find that the Feng Shui practice that resonates and works with me and my energy benefits me.

Feng (wind) Shui (water)- is about energy that determines the ups and downs of energy within a person/bird/animal and environment.

The purpose of Feng Shui is to create an environment where energy (Chi) flows smoothly to achieve physical and mental wellbeing.

In nature, birds instinctively choose their play, sleep and foraging areas, so we need to try and copy their similar preferences in captivity/domestication.

Few tips below:

  • keep birds away from radiation and electromagnetic energies- e.g. mobile phones, computers, modems, alarm clocks, microwaves, outdoor power boxes, ANYTHING ELECTRICAL!
  • keep birds away from sharp edges/corners, slanted walls, beams, doors/doorways, directly in front of windows without a side that is solid
  • do not keep birds in hallways because the chi can attack the bird and hallways are not very interesting to live in
  • do not keep birds in laundries or bathrooms as humidity is unhealthy for birds
  • bird should not be kept in bedrooms where others sleep, as noise affects the birds and bedrooms are a place for people to sleep in- separate bird rooms are suitable if not outdoor area is available- but the bedroom flooring must be tailored to suit the birds incase they chew the floor eg carpet fibres chewed can kill birds
  • birds should be living in areas that are quiet and safe and with lots of natural lighting, eg windows, skylights, no loud tv’s, radio,  kids screaming
  • birds’ sleeping areas and meals areas should be separated and not the same as the sleeping should be quiet and clean and food areas are usually messy with food bowls etc
  • bird droppings should be cleaned regularly from the indoor or outdoor bird accommodation, to avoid contamination and smells
  • no harmful chemicals or cooking fumes around the bird
  • plants should be safe and not toxic
  • dead flowers and plants should be immediately removed and replaced as they collect stagnant energy and equate to rubbish
  • mirrors can cause birds confusion eg they assume the mirror bird image is real but is not so they become frustrated if they cannot touch or play with the bird- a real live bird would naturally be best suited
  • keep birds away from cold/windy drafts, lightning, strong heat
  • colours should be as natural as possible, eg blues above to be similar to the sky colour, green similar to grasses/trees, browns similar to bark/soil colours- this way the birds would instinctively feel they are close to nature.
  • clean the bird accomodation daily
  • avoid any clutter e.g. bird toys are great but too many in the way of their flight path is dangerous and annoying for the bird
  • do not use incense, perfumes, essential oils, fragrance sprays around birds
  • more tips to come!!!!
Feng Shui for Birds!

Music “Iron and Ice” composed by George Firipis


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