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Welcome To Let Companion Birds Fly: The Voice for Companion Bird Rights in Australia



If you see birds being neglected or abused in private homes, pet shops, markets, bird sales events etc, please contact Paris with your full name and details (no anonymous calls/emails accepted- full confidentiality applies)  email or call if URGENT ONLY on 0413 530 419.







This page will include complaints lodged to various Australian individuals, state governments, businesses, groups, authorities, who breach State Codes of Conduct for the Welfare of Companion Birds.

Once the breaches have been rectified, a SOLVED note will be placed beside each complaint.

Please feel free to email complaints and photos if available, to be uploaded to this page, to paris@letcompanionbirdsfly with your email, full name and phone contact details.

 Sample Documents for Cruelty Cases

If you are called upon to assist in an animal cruelty case in your community, these tools can help you accurately document and present information often crucial to a successful prosecution. From identifying animals in large-scale seizures to inventory and evidence logs to histology and necropsy forms, these free downloads:

Documentation for Evaluations and Necropsies

Sample Identification Protocol

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